Monday, November 3, 2014

Tastemakers: Andre Leon Talley & Ralph Rucci

FGI’s Tastemakers is a series about people who influence the fashion world. This particular event is centered around Ralph Rucci (American fashion designer) and Andre Leon Talley (Former Editor-at-Large of American Vogue).  The design of the event had to be representative of the people who are speaking. References to high fashion, sophistication and timeless glamour were made in the creation of this invitation


I tried to keep the branding of the event consistent on all relating documents and webpages. The image on the top (of the blog post) is the image used for social media and the image (on bottom of this blog post) is the image used for the web page and email marketing. The final design(which is the image below) is elegant with a strong graphic elements that clarifies the message of the event. The limited color palette creates a uniformity in the design. I didn’t want one element in the design to overpower the other.