Monday, May 18, 2015

Retail Reality Check

I designed another omni-channel marketing campaign but this time for a retail symposium. The event is centered around today’s retail customer centric industry. The team and I, wanted to convey the retail industry through the design of this campaign. We thought it was best to use photography (which was provided by one rock productions) that displayed mannequins in a store front.The visuals of  mannequins helps reinforce the idea of the retail environment.The design of the campaign was influenced by the retail windows and how consumers interact with them. We tried to keep all of the typographic elements that would be on display in a retail window. The result was an omni-channel marketing campaign that successfully positions itself in the retail industry



Like the beauty symposium, we relied on the mailer to help drive interest in the event. I designed the mailer to have a QR code towards the center panel(Which could be make purchasing a ticket much easier.) We notice that the target audience for this event would be on professional networking platforms like linkedin. Our social media strategy was to have a stronger linkedin presence than with other events. If you would like to attend to this event please visit this link>>