Monday, April 20, 2015

Step by Step- (Surreal) Beauty portrait


Articulating a concept is the purpose of a sketch. The sketch captures an abstract idea and communicates the idea through a single image. The idea behind the images below, was to convey the beauty industry in iconic way. I tried to portray the idea of beauty and how the application of color helps women achieve their desired look.



I began this painting by blocking the color. I thought of which colors i wanted to use and how they would interact with the viewer. I wanted the image to be relatable, so i chose to depict the face with multiple skin tones. Once I figured out the color and how it would enhance the image ( I edited the image a couple of times. )


I continued to apply color and contrast on to the image. I revised the shape of the makeup stain, improving it's visual appeal. I also removed the red stain on the lips because it could have been interpreted as blood. I reduced contrast between the skin tones, to unify the color palette.


By adding reflections and detail, i was able to create a convincing image. It was difficult to find a balance between the face and the makeup. I didn’t want the face or the makeup to overpower each other.


The final step was to revise the image. I corrected the eyes (the left eye seemed to be off to the side). The lips were reduced in size (before they looked medically enhanced by reducing the size the lips look more natural). The highlights were softened(To maintain the balance between the face and the makeup). The final image is below. I think i was able to convey the beauty industry in a multiracial color palette through makeup. To view my previous step by step post please click on this link>> 

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