Monday, October 27, 2014

Spring / Summer 2015 - Trend Presentation

This FGI event is about trend analyzes. The event is centered around the trends that appeared in LFW ,NYFW , MFW & PFW. We tried to link this event with the images that were taken during NYFW (on social media). The graphic above is an image that we use to promote the event on social media platforms. The screen shot below illustrates how we try to link this event to the images that were taken during NYFW.

I used photoshop to create the image that would be used in the campaign. I uploaded this image to the FGI server. Once the image has a path, i am able to create a web page that is used as an eblast. The webpage is created through dreamweaver. I use a lot of image mapping and i slice the image to create clickable buttons. I try to create invitations with simple HTML that can be cross browser and will not be heavily filtered through email systems. I remember creating complex webpages that would later be used as eblast, to find out that each email system displays the design differently (which was a nightmare)

This design had to be elegant, feminine and contemporary. I chose to continue using the same format as in the previous trend presentation. I wanted to reference the fashion magazine industry, by using the biondi typeface and placing it behind the figure. The sides of the image have a gradient which becomes white, this gives this image a dream like quality. The buttons at the bottom sample the colors that was used in the “Spring / Summer” graphic at the top. The buttons also connect to individual registration forms 

The registration form follows that same design rules as the wepage/elbast. This allows for a seamless experience.

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